Super Bowl Betting Futures Update: Week 15

Another has bitten the dust in the past week. With their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 14, the Denver Broncos have officially been eliminated from postseason consideration. They have joined the Houston Texans and Chicago Bears in the "Let's Just Get This Year Over With" club, and they can only sit and watch as the first-round draft pick they have "earned" goes further along helping the future roster of the Seattle Seahawks.

There are 29 teams who can -- mathematically, at least -- still win the Super Bowl, so let's see each team's odds, courtesy of the FanDuel Sportsbook.

Buffalo Bills+38020.8%22.2%
Kansas City Chiefs+45018.2%17.4%
Philadelphia Eagles+45018.2%19.9%
Dallas Cowboys+90010.0%10.3%
San Francisco 49ers+90010.0%11.9%
Cincinnati Bengals+10009.1%9.2%
Minnesota Vikings+20004.8%3.0%
Baltimore Ravens+20004.8%1.3%
Miami Dolphins+24004.0%1.0%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+27003.6%1.0%
Los Angeles Chargers+34002.9%0.8%
Tennessee Titans+44002.2%0.4%
Seattle Seahawks+70001.4%0.4%
Washington Commanders+90001.1%0.3%
New York Jets+110000.9%0.1%
Detroit Lions+110000.9%0.1%
New England Patriots+120000.8%0.1%
New York Giants+140000.7%0.1%
Jacksonville Jaguars+150000.7%0.1%
Carolina Panthers+150000.7%0.1%
Green Bay Packers+210000.5%0.1%
Cleveland Browns+280000.4%0.0%
Atlanta Falcons+390000.3%0.0%
Las Vegas Raiders+420000.2%0.0%
New Orleans Saints+450000.2%0.0%
Pittsburgh Steelers+650000.2%0.0%
Los Angeles Rams+650000.2%0.0%
Arizona Cardinals+1000000.1%0.0%
Indianapolis Colts+1000000.1%0.0%

The favorites are, more or less, where they were last week, although the still-unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles have seen their odds improve slightly from +500 to +450. They are now joint-second favorites alongside the Chiefs, while both still trail the Buffalo Bills. The Dallas Cowboys have dropped slightly to +900, whereas the Brock Purdy-led San Francisco 49ers have seen their odds improve to +900.

The Los Angeles Chargers' odds improved dramatically after a Week 14 triumph over the suddenly listing Miami Dolphins. The Chargers were sitting at +5500 a week ago, but they now have odds of +3400. Meanwhile, the Dolphins, sitting pretty at +1500 two weeks ago, are currently available at +2400.

What a difference a few weeks have made for the Detroit Lions. The 6-7 Lions saw off the Minnesota Vikings in Week 14 and currently have the eighth-best odds among all NFC teams to win the Super Bowl. They are still a longshot at +11000, but they have made the end-of-season run memorable for their fans thanks to their high-flying offense. The Lions have the fifth-ranked offense, according to our nERD metric, trailing only the Eagles among NFC sides.

We've already said goodbye to three teams from this article, and Week 15 could see us waving farewell to several others. The Arizona Cardinals, now likely without quarterback Kyler Murray for quite some time, and the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams will be eliminated from postseason consideration with losses in Week 15. So, I wouldn't be too excited about holding that Rams at +65000 ticket if I were you.