Snap Counts

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Snap percentages are the percent of snaps where each player was on the field. For example, if the offense ran 50 plays and a player was on the field for 40, that player's snap percentage would be 80%.
They are split into overall, snap percent in wins, losses, and the last few games. You can also see their week-by-week individual snap percent.
If a player was inactive for a game, that game is not considered in his last set of games.
If a player has played for multiple teams, there will be multiple rows in the table below, one for each team.
Projected snap percentage is based on the player's team win probability, their recent snap rates as well as snap rates in wins and losses.

  Week 1 Splits Trends Weekly Snap Counts
Player Win % Proj Snap % Snap % Snap % Win Snap % Loss Last Game Last 3 Last 5 1