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Is This the End of the Trail for Steven Jackson?

Does this 32-year-old back have a chance of being an NFL or fantasy contributor anymore?

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Brian Hartline: A Case of Changes in Usage and Production

Brian Hartline could be the first domino to fall during a busy offseason in Miami.

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Putting Eric Bledsoe's Stat Line From Last Night in Historical Context

Bledsoe went absolutely bonkers in an overtime win over the Oklahoma City Thunder last night. How rare was his line?

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Northern Iowa vs. Wichita St. Preview: Battle of the Highly Ranked Mid-Majors

Northern Iowa and Wichita State are in the top 12 in both the AP and Coaches rankings. How will their game unfold on Saturday?

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Yesterday's Perfect NBA DFS Lineups: Thursday 2/26/15

Eric Bledsoe out-dueled Russell Westbrook in a hard-fought, overtime win and finds himself in yesterday's perfect lineups.

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Fantasy Hockey Strategy: Using Remaining Schedules to Identify Value

Jaromir Jagr was traded to Florida, which has a better offense than New Jersey, but does his new schedule actually hurt his fantasy value?

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Today's Numbers

Daily Fantasy NBA Projections
Player Reb Ast Pts
James Harden (GF, HOU) 5.3 7.1 26.8
Russell Westbrook (PG, OKC) 5.8 8.6 26.5
Stephen Curry (G, GS) 4.5 7.4 23.8
LaMarcus Aldridge (FC, POR) 10.5 2.0 23.3
Damian Lillard (PG, POR) 4.6 6.2 23.1
Klay Thompson (GF, GS) 4.1 2.9 22.5
Chris Paul (PG, LAC) 4.9 10.1 21.7
Dwyane Wade (G, MIA) 3.9 5.5 20.5
Kevin Martin (GF, MIN) 4.2 2.2 20.5
Jimmy Butler (GF, CHI) 5.4 3.3 20.4
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NBA Power Rankings
Team Rec Champs nERD
Golden State Warriors 44-11 33.3% 81.5
Los Angeles Clippers 37-21 8.4% 69.8
Atlanta Hawks 45-12 15.7% 68.2
Dallas Mavericks 39-21 4.4% 66.7
Memphis Grizzlies 41-15 5.4% 63.2
Toronto Raptors 37-20 7.1% 61.5
Portland Trail Blazers 37-19 3.4% 61.5
Houston Rockets 39-18 3.0% 59.9
Cleveland Cavaliers 37-22 4.7% 59.4
Chicago Bulls 36-22 4.8% 58.7
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