5 NBA Stats to Know From the Last Week

D'Angelo Russell's Brooklyn Nets are averaging a league-high 124.3 points per game. The Oklahoma City Thunder aren't. What other numbers stood out from the first week of the NBA season?

Two. And two.

Those are the most notable digits from week one of the 2017-18 NBA campaign, 2-2 being the Golden State Warriors' record.

It's doubtful Dubs fans will freak out, though, because last year, they kicked off the season 4-2 before going on a nifty little 12-game win streak.

Then again, four of the Warriors' next five games are toughies -- we're talking Toronto, Washington, the Clippers, and San Antonio. The L.A. and San Antonio games are on the road, so don't be shocked if Golden State heads into November with a record of 5-4.

Aside from the total number of mouthpieces thrown by Stephen Curry (1) and the amount Curry was fined for throwing said mouthpiece ($50,000), which other digits caught our attention?