NBA Power Rankings Update: How the West Got Weird

Stephen Curry and the heavily-favored Golden State Warriors started the season with a record of 1-2. How will that impact their position in our weekly power rankings?

I believe it was Aristotle who said, "Ain't nobody beatin' the Warriors."

I believe it was Stephen Curry who said, "We got beaten twice, so I threw my mouthpiece super-hard."

Mouthpieces notwithstanding, we projected Golden State to deliver the highest nERD in numberFire history. (For the uninitiated, nERD is our in-house efficiency metric, which you can read about in our glossary.) But after losing two of their first three games, that record might be in question.

Nonetheless, the Dubs' preseason nERD score was so outrageously high that even L's to and Houston and Memphis couldn't knock them from the top spot in our weekly power rankings.

Golden State's stagnancy at number one is interesting in and of itself, but there was a whole bunch of even more interesting number-y goodness during the first week of the NBA season.