Super Bowl Futures Betting Update: Week 4

In the old days, Week 4 of the NFL season was the quarter pole for all 16 NFL teams. A good time to gauge just how well the season had started, or how badly. Now, with the advent of the 17th game, the 25% mark comes sometime during their fifth game of the campaign, which is annoying for football fans and supporters of symmetry. But I digress. Three weeks are in the books, and if there's one thing we can say for sure, it's that we certainly don't know much about the teams even after three games. It's been a wild ride.

The destination at the ride's end is lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the Super Bowl. Here's how the FanDuel Sportsbook currently has each team's odds for winning that prize this season, heading into Week 4.

Buffalo Bills+50016.7%19.7%
Kansas City Chiefs+80011.1%14.6%
Philadelphia Eagles+85010.5%13.8%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+9509.5%10.3%
Green Bay Packers+10009.1%4.8%
Los Angeles Rams+14006.7%4.7%
Baltimore Ravens+14006.7%4.2%
Miami Dolphins+16005.9%3.5%
San Francisco 49ers+19005.0%3.1%
Denver Broncos+19005.0%3.1%
Los Angeles Chargers+21004.5%1.2%
Minnesota Vikings+21004.5%2.4%
Cincinnati Bengals+22004.3%2.7%
Indianapolis Colts+34002.9%2.0%
Dallas Cowboys+34002.9%1.8%
Cleveland Browns+44002.2%2.0%
Jacksonville Jaguars+50002.0%2.3%
Tennessee Titans+60001.6%0.3%
New Orleans Saints+65001.5%0.8%
Arizona Cardinals+70001.4%0.3%
Las Vegas Raiders+75001.3%0.1%
New England Patriots+100001.0%0.3%
Detroit Lions+100001.0%0.2%
Carolina Panthers+100001.0%0.4%
New York Giants+110000.9%0.2%
Washington Commanders+130000.8%0.2%
Pittsburgh Steelers+130000.8%0.2%
Chicago Bears+200000.5%0.4%
Atlanta Falcons+340000.3%0.1%
New York Jets+390000.3%0.1%
Seattle Seahawks+550000.2%0.0%
Houston Texans+550000.2%0.0%

The Buffalo Bills' Week 3 defeat against the still-unbeaten Miami Dolphins hasn't overly affected their place as the bookies' favorites to win the Super Bowl, though their odds went from +450 to +500 this week. For their part, the 3-0 Dolphins came in from +2500 to +1600. The only other unbeaten side in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles, now have the shortest odds of any NFC side to win the Super Bowl. They are available at +850, a far cry from the +3000 you could have got them at before Week 1.

The Jacksonville Jaguars' 2-1 start to the season has seen their Super Bowl odds improve dramatically. After starting the season as +12000 longshots, they now sit at +5000, better odds than their division rival Tennessee Titans (+6000) and not far behind the Indianapolis Colts' odds (+3400).

The most notable fallers after the last round of games are the New England Patriots, New York Giants, Washington Commanders and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Patriots are now at +10000 after starting the season at +4000. The Giants had been unbeaten going into Week 3, but their loss to the Dallas Cowboys has seen them fall to +11000. The Steelers and Commanders both lost divisional games this past week, and those losses have helped send their title odds to +13000.