How To Win In NFL Daily Fantasy: Divisional Weekend

Which Packers WR will it be? Why not them all?

Note: This article uses values from our friends at StarStreet. Click here to check out their daily fantasy games.

The season might be over but there's plenty of fantasy action to be had. One of our favorite destinations are the Daily Fantasy games, which combine the fun of fantasy with the immediate gratification of drafting a new team every week. Don't you wish you could have had that in your regular fantasy league? You wouldn't have been saddled with picking MJD in the 1st round!

Our recommendations have been straight up killing it the past few weeks - we've finished in at least the 91st percentile in each of past four weeks with our picks. That's a WHOLE LOT of head to head victories! Whether you're a serious Daily gamer or just getting started, we'll definitely be able to augment your lineup and guide you to a head-to-head or pool victory!

Last Week In Review

Last week our optimal line up finished 75th out of 1,067 entries in the freeroll. Considering that we recommend that you play head-to-head matchups with our lineup - mostly to avoid the chance of multiple people having the same lineup and under the logic that most freeroll/pool winners have lineups with very high risk/reward rations - you were almost guaranteed to win using our optimal lineup.

So far, we've been:

Week 14: 77th out of 697
Week 15: 72nd out of 1199
Week 16: 105th out of 1128
Week 17: 77th out of 1107
Wild Card Weekend: 75th out of 1067

This Week's Lineup

One of the great things about being the CEO of a company like numberFire is that I've got a trove containing 35,000 lines of code to help me in situations like this. You do as well! Here is our algorithmically generated optimal roster.

  • QB: Peyton Manning - $15000
  • QB: Matt Schaub - $11500
  • RB: Frank Gore - $12500
  • RB: DuJuan Harris - $10000
  • WR: Eric Decker - $12000
  • WR: Randall Cobb - $11000
  • TE: Joel Dreessen - $6500
  • FLEX: Jordy Nelson - $10500
  • FLEX: Greg Jennings - $11000

Every week we seem to pull another sleeper out of the hat; last week it was Andrew Hawkins - we didn't do all that much - and this week it's a pseudo-sleeper in DuJuan Harris, who had a fantastic week against Minnesota and is a beast in the PPR-friendly format of StarStreet.

We're also putting a lot of faith in Matt Schaub to have to air the ball out to keep up with the Patriots offense, but strangely, all of the Houston receiving options are absent. Instead, we're rolling with the entire cadre of Green Bay WRs. While it's clearly somewhat unlikely that each of them will find the end zone, the PPR format of StarStreet lends well to the Green Bay attack and should serve up stable points to offset the riskier plays of Schaub, Harris, and Dreessen.

It's also unlikely that the targets will be as spread as they were in Minnesota - can't see Kuhn having the same impact - and with the 49ers being a slightly better squad defending the run instead of the pass, Nelson and Jennings make for surprisingly high-value plays.

Getting Started

There's a lot of different places to get started in daily fantasy, but we particularly like to work with our good friends at StarStreet, who we've known for a few years. Click here to get your feet wet for FREE with them. Try it out today!