Super Bowl Futures Betting Update: Week 5

Another crazy week of NFL action has seen significant changes in the futures betting for the Super Bowl. While the teams at the top of the NFL are mostly unchanged, there is change afoot beneath them as new contenders begin to emerge. All of the odds, along with a whole host of other markets to bet on, are available at the Fanduel Sportsbook.

Kansas City Chiefs+55015.4%11.6%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+60014.3%11.2%
Buffalo Bills+85010.5%6.9%
Los Angeles Rams+10009.1%7.8%
Green Bay Packers+12007.7%1.4%
Baltimore Ravens+12007.7%7.7%
Cleveland Browns+12007.7%7.4%
Arizona Cardinals+14006.7%6.7%
Dallas Cowboys+19005.0%6.0%
Los Angeles Chargers+21004.5%6.7%
Seattle Seahawks+24004.0%3.0%
San Francisco 49ers+25003.8%1.4%
Tennessee Titans+34002.9%0.8%
New Orleans Saints+41002.4%7.2%
Denver Broncos+44002.2%2.5%
Minnesota Vikings+55001.8%2.5%
Las Vegas Raiders+55001.8%0.4%
Carolina Panthers+60001.6%3.9%
New England Patriots+70001.4%0.2%
Indianapolis Colts+70001.4%0.9%
Miami Dolphins+85001.2%0.4%
Cincinnati Bengals+85001.2%0.9%
Chicago Bears+100001.0%0.4%
Pittsburgh Steelers+120000.8%1.5%
Philadelphia Eagles+150000.7%0.3%
New York Giants+280000.4%0.0%
Atlanta Falcons+370000.3%0.0%
Jacksonville Jaguars+1000000.1%0.1%
Houston Texans+1000000.1%0.0%
Detroit Lions+1000000.1%0.0%
New York Jets+1000000.1%0.1%

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers remain the two favorites, with the Buffalo Bills moving ahead of the Los Angeles Rams into third place after they dismantled the hapless Houston Texans. Week 4 saw the Rams dropped their first game of the year at home to the Arizona Cardinals, who saw their odds improve.

The Cardinals are now the only unbeaten team in the league in 2021, and they saw the biggest drop in their Super Bowl odds from last week. The Cardinals are now available at +1400 after being at +3400 a week ago. The Cardinals' odds improved by our metrics too. Last week, numberFire gave them a 3.2% chance of winning their first Super Bowl. This week, the odds are at 6.7%.

Going the other way, the New England Patriots dropped to 1-3 for the year and saw their title odds drop significantly. They were longshots at +5000 a week ago, but the shot is even longer now with their odds sitting at +7000. The Minnesota Vikings also saw their odds tumble as they now sit at +5500, a week after they were available at +3700.