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NFL Divisional Round FanDuel Ownership Percentages: The Lower-Owned Quarterbacks Come Through

Matt Ryan and Dak Prescott weren't the most popular quarterbacks for FanDuel's divisional round slate, but they rewarded investors with big days. Which players had high ownership for the weekend's slate?

If you've played fantasy football over on FanDuel, then you know the importance of ownership percentages, especially in larger-field tournaments. Knowing who the competition is using enables you to think with a contrarian mindset. And if your under-the-radar play ends up hitting, then, well, you're one step closer to a victory.

Each week, we'll be posting the previous week's ownership percentages to help you see how the public was thinking. It'll let you see who the public used, which can be helpful when doing research for upcoming games. Of course, playoff DFS shortens the slates and produces some elevated ownership for certain players, but let's take a look at the numbers from the divisional round of the playoffs.


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