Super Bowl Odds for Each Team Entering the Conference Championship Round

The Packers are red hot, but does our algorithm like their chances of winning this year's Super Bowl?

It's easy to look at the four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs and think there's a clear lack of parity in the league. The Patriots and Steelers again? Aaron Rodgers making a run in the playoffs again?

But the paths these teams have taken to their respective conference championship games haven't been likely. Not at all.

The Packers, for instance, had a 0.10% chance to win the Super Bowl following a Week 11 loss -- they were destroyed -- to Washington. Since then, Green Bay hasn't lost. And their Super Bowl odds have gradually risen.

At one point in the season, the Steelers hit a wall, too. Following their Week 10 loss to the Cowboys, our numbers gave the Steelers just a 0.80% chance to win the Super Bowl. Like Green Bay, Pittsburgh has gone on a run, winning each of their last nine games.

So, yes, we're seeing similar teams in the conference championship round, Atlanta Falcons aside. But that doesn't mean there's been a lack of parity -- there's been plenty of it.

Here's a look at each of the team's odds to win the Super Bowl as we enter the last multiple-game slate of the season.

Team Super Bowl Odds
Patriots 39.60%
Falcons 32.90%
Packers 14.90%
Steelers 12.60%