Week 12 Fantasy Football Market Share Report: Anticipating Derrick Henry

Twelve weeks may not seem like a whole lot. But just take a second to think about how radically different the fantasy football landscape is now from what it was in Week 1.

Back then, we were talking about how Ty Montgomery was carving out a workhorse role in the Green Bay Packers' offense.

Now, thanks to a couple of injuries, that offense is led by Brett Hundley and Jamaal Williams. Things change in a hurry around here.

The ripple effect of just one injury is so immense that your fortunes on a weekly basis may hinge almost entirely on your ability to predict what a new situation will look like. That's certainly not easy, but as you saw with the Los Angeles Rams' receivers on Sunday, the upside of being right is saucy. It means we have to do our best to nail a situation before scrambling to react as more data comes in.

As such, we've got to take a step back now and assess a situation in its current state. Whatever was happening six weeks ago is irrelevant, and we need to make sure we're viewing things how they'll be in the future. It may be tough, but it's also necessary.

Thankfully, we can at least get a bit of a crutch here by using numberFire's daily fantasy tools. Here, we can see each player's rushing, receiving, and red-zone market shares for the past one, three, or five weeks along with the full season. This makes it easy to see how a player's current role deviates from what it was earlier on, helping us know who's rising and who's slinking into the shadows. The hope is that we could then leverage that into predicting what things will look like going forward.

With that in mind, which players are forcing us to reevaluate the way we view them based on their recent workloads? Let's take a look.