Fantasy Football Week 1 Market Share Report: Ty Montgomery Is a Workhorse

Ty Montgomery got monster usage for the Green Bay Packers in their Week 1 win over the Seattle Seahawks. Which other players had usages that will impact their fantasy football value?

Immediately after kickoff in Week 1 of the NFL season, madness ensues. Stocks skyrocket, roles diminish, and fantasy outlooks change in an instant.

That's how things go once we finally get actionable information. Sure, we can discern some things from preseason usage data, but once the games matter, every play suddenly increases tenfold in importance. We finally have all of that at our fingertips, and it's time to break down what it all means.

Each week, we'll be going through important usage data from the previous slate of games in three separate categories: rushing market shares, receiving market shares, and red-zone market shares. You can't score fantasy points without opportunities, so knowing which players are getting the most of those is critical for gaining an edge.

Premium members can also find all of this data within numberFire's daily fantasy tools. There, you can break down rushing, receiving, and red-zone market share data by the past one, three, or five games. This will show you who's trending up and whose value may be slipping away.

So, who were the big winners and losers in Week 1? Let's check it all out, starting in the backfield.