Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 15

Jaguars defensive lineman Tyson Alualu presents a spicy IDP option this week.

If I can, I’d like to share a very personal thing with you all: I hate Tabasco sauce.

Hate it. Loathe it, in fact. When it comes to hot sauces, I will drench my food in every one in the book, but not Tabasco sauce -- which, to me, is just a spicy way to make any of your food soggy. Part of my aversion to it, I’m sure, is that when I was a child it was used on my fingers as a “nasal probing diversionary tactic”. Yeah, that’s right; I picked my nose and my aunt used Tabasco to get me to stop.

I’m not proud of this, but I am who I am because of the hurdles in my life.

The point of this story is that when you try something and get negative feedback, you need to learn from it and adapt. Just like I had capsaicin reminding me to not do something dumb, you all have had moments where you start an Individual Defensive Player (IDP) in your fantasy leagues who blows up in your face.

It’s our job to take that experience and synthesize it into our approach so that we can try not to repeat our mistake. That’s what this column intends to do, so let’s take another crack at things this week.

Which IDP players owned in less than 5% of ESPN leagues will soothe your fantasy lineups for Week 15?