Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 14

Edwin Jackson is a nice, warm IDP security blanket for Week 14.

There’s a wonderful concept in Denmark known as hygge (pronounced HOO-gah), which roughly translates to “coziness” in English but has a much broader sense and meaning than just a feeling.

Hygge is a way of living that embraces the people around you and making the most of what life has to offer. It’s a fuzzy concept, for sure, but the holistic idea of how life should be lived gives a sense of belonging and welcoming, even when the stress of daily life ostracizes and alienates us.

One of the ways I find hygge in fantasy football in Individual Defensive Player (IDP) formats, where I can comfort myself in building out a full roster of players I enjoy. To some people, IDP can be unnerving, but this column aims to give you warm fuzzies about your weekly defensive waiver claims.

Which IDP players owned in less than 5% of ESPN leagues will make you feel all warm inside for Week 14?