Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 10

Dee Ford is holding his own in his first full season as a starter.

I moved recently, and for the first time in two years I get to come home to an apartment with more than 300 total square feet of space.

The transition has been a bit odd for me, but it seems like it’s been almost traumatic for my cat, who spent the entire first week hiding under my bed and refusing to interact with my new roommate. Slowly but surely, though, he’s started to spend time in the public areas and has gotten to be comfortable with the new place and new people in his life. It was a scary transition for him, but he’s getting there.

Plunging headfirst into the world of Individual Defensive Player (IDP) fantasy football can seem like a daunting task. Not only do we add hundreds or thousands of new players to the player pool, we have to figure out what makes these new positions tick: should I start a defensive end against a good passing team? Will a pass-rush linebacker have enough run game tackles to make him a safe bet?

For those of you in your first season using IDP’s, especially, you’ve made it more than midway and I’m very proud of you. The task of figuring out this format is never done, but you’ve gotten your feet wet, opened your eyes, and made it this far. This column is here to be a support to anyone in IDP leagues, newbie or not, and we welcome all to the glorious world of defensive fantasy football.

Which IDP players owned in less than 5% of ESPN leagues can be lineup security blankets for Week 10?