5 Market Shares to Monitor in Week 1 for Fantasy Football

The uncertainty leading into Week 1 of the NFL season can lead to opportunity in fantasy football. Which situations do we need to monitor in the opening weekend?

Normally, when we're talking about market shares in terms of fantasy football, we're discussing things that have already happened. Did Sammy Watkins see 35% of his team's targets last week? Hot diggity dog. Let's go through it. Did Jarvis Landry take a back seat in the Miami Dolphins' offense? That's something of which we need to take note.

Before Week 1, we've got a whole lotta nothing. And it couldn't be more exciting.

Uncertainty is frightening when we're trying to find safety. We want that stability because it's extra knowledge that can give us more confidence in our decision-making process. If we want safety, we're looking for situations that are stagnant. It's the volatility that gives us upside, though.

The market -- whether it's in the form of pricing for daily fantasy football or an average draft position for season-long leagues -- will adjust for this volatility by knocking things down a peg. This reaction makes sense because the floor associated with all assets is lower. It doesn't, however, cap their ceiling, giving us an opportunity to spring at the right time.

That's what we're going to try to do here. Let's dig into some situations that are simply basking in uncertainty right now to see if we can capitalize in the form of finding upside. Going forward, this piece will be a retrospective about what we learned. This time, though, we'll be looking at what we will learn in Week 1 of the NFL season, and by focusing on the uncertainty, we may get one last swipe at some untapped upside.