Introducing Our Brand New Daily Fantasy Football Tools

If you're planning on playing daily fantasy football this year, make sure you check out our tools before you make your lineup.

You didn't think we'd leave you hanging, did you?

Today, we pushed our new set of premium DFS tools to our users. And they're dope. Super dope.

If you're more of a visual person, here's a look at the tools in video form, with yours truly walking you through the new features.

If you'd rather just read about them, then take a look below.

Lineup Generator

Everything starts with the lineup generator. If you don't want to do much research -- maybe you don't have time -- you can check out the lineup generator which will give you an optimized lineup based on our week's projections.

But what's cool, too, is that we've given you the capability of spitting out multiple lineups, not just one. After doing your research and selecting players you want included in your lineup, the multiple lineups tool will then spit out not just one, but up to 25 different lineup combinations for your tournament entries.

Oh, and while you're using the DFS tools, you'll notice that there are icons to either lock in or exclude players or teams based on the research you're performing (see the yellow shaded area in the screenshot above). When you're all done with your research, you can then re-run the optimal lineup tool and those players will either be added or omited from the lineup.

See, I told you this was dope.

Heat Map

If you've researched using numberFire tools in the past, then the heat map will be easy to get used to. We've used it for the NBA and MLB already, but this year, we've got it for the NFL as well.

The heat map gives you, well, it gives you a heat map of everything Vegas. It'll show you what a particular team's implied total is, what the team's Net Expected Points (NEP) analytics are showing, and it'll do the same for the team's opponent. Each metric is either shaded red (avoid) or green (target) for you to easily see who to use and who to stay away from.

Advanced Stats

Within the advanced stats tab, you can look at simple numbers like fantasy points per game, whether or not the game script for a player is favorable based on the Vegas spread, and how the defense ranks from a matchup standpoint. Digging deeper, though, uncovers an insane amount of variables to analyze. Curious to see how a player performs as a favorite? We've got that. How about how he does on the road versus at home? Yup, that too.

And within this advanced stats section, you can look at consistency metrics. Does the player you're analyzing have a high ceiling? How about a low floor? How many 20-plus and 40-plus yard plays does he see each game?


Perhaps the biggest addition to our suite of tools this year is the trends section, which looks at how particular players are...trending.

Here, you'll find market share information -- that is, the percentage of team carries or targets a player is getting -- as well as how that market share data is trending. Moreover, you can take a look specifically at red zone numbers to see if the player you're looking to use in DFS that week has favorable touchdown upside.

And, lastly, we've got basic statistics -- passing yards, rushing touchdowns, etc. -- that you can break down and analyze.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you're planning on playing daily fantasy football this year -- and why wouldn't you be? -- make sure to check out all of these tools. To do so, click here.

You can thank us later.