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Super Bowl Prop-A-Palooza, Part 2: The Kaepernick Edition (Passing)

Will Colin make you some duckets?

It's Super Bowl time and that means three things: an inexorably boring and useless Pro Bowl, tons of horrific media coverage focusing on inane storylines, and enough prop bets to drown you in a frothy sea of mathmatic delight! Through the next two weeks, we'll be selecting a few prop bets at a time, running the numbers and giving you the best recommendations. We'll try to stick to more interesting ones - sorry, coin flip fans - but if you have a specific prop you'd like for us to look at, feel free to email me at and we'll see what we can do.

There's little I can say about Colin Kaepernick that hasn't already been said. He's a phenom, a shooting star from planet Freakathletica, a unique outlier in a league that is moving rapidly towards one where he is positioned to reign. The rise of him, Robert Griffin III, and Cam Newton point a new league, a league that is forced to not only respect the rushing attack under center, but attempt in vain to figure out a way to stop it.

Much like Linsanity last year, Kaepernick has captured the public imagination, leading to an almost unprecedented amount of interest in him. Everything from latently racist articles about his tattoos to story after story about his lack of football scholarships have been rolled out, but you're here on numberFire because you want one thing: stats. And stats ye shall receive!

Of course, this is the Super Bowl and with the Super Bowl comes prop bets. It's like turkey and stuffing, really. Reports are out that Colin Kaepernick may be the most bet-on player in history. But which ones are smart money? We got you, Jack!

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