Super Bowl Betting Futures Update: Divisional Round

The 49ers rolled past the Seahawks in the Wild Card Round and now get a home game against the Cowboys. How likely are they to win it all, per our model, and what are the odds for the rest of the field?

The field of teams with a chance to win the Super Bowl has shortened again, with just eight teams left fighting to get their hands on the Vince Lombardi Trophy in February.

Below, you can see the betting odds on each team courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook as well as our own odds, per our metrics.

Kansas City Chiefs+30025.0%23.2%
Buffalo Bills+33023.3%20.3%
San Francisco 49ers+45018.2%18.6%
Philadelphia Eagles+50016.7%15.4%
Cincinnati Bengals+75011.8%10.7%
Dallas Cowboys+85010.5%9.8%
New York Giants+25003.8%0.9%
Jacksonville Jaguars+33002.9%1.1%

The Kansas City Chiefs remain favorites to take the title, as they come off a bye to do battle with their former offensive coordinator, Doug Pederson, and his Jacksonville Jaguars this week.

For the first time in many weeks, the NFC side with the shortest odds is not the Philadelphia Eagles. They are available at +500, but the San Francisco 49ers have surpassed them in the eyes of the bookies. An 11-game winning streak, the third-best defense in the league -- according to our numbers -- and the feelgood story of the year in rookie quarterback Brock Purdy have seen their odds fall to +450. Our model is in line as we give San Fran an NFC-leading 18.6% chance to get to the title game.

The Jaguars have the longest odds, according to FanDuel, but per our metrics, the New York Giants are actually the longest of longshots among the remaining squads. We give them a 0.9% chance of winning the Super Bowl, while the Jaguars are at 1.1%.

According to our numbers, the only other team with a sub-10 % chance to win it all is the Dallas Cowboys. But they're not exactly a million miles off, with a 9.8% chance. We have Dallas as the fifth-best team in the NFL. They're just dinged by their difficult path -- a road game at the Niners this week, which will likely be followed by a road game at Philly.