Super Bowl Betting Futures Update: Wild Card Round

14 teams remain in the hunt for this year's Super Bowl. 18 weeks of action have whittled the contenders down to this final number, with seven AFC and seven NFC sides left in contention for the ultimate prize in football. Hard to believe, but the season is almost over.

Here are the latest odds for each team to win the Super Bowl, courtesy of the FanDuel Sportsbook, and each team's odds according to our metrics at numberFire.

Kansas City Chiefs+33023.3%24.7%
Buffalo Bills+42019.2%20.1%
Philadelphia Eagles+50016.7%17.4%
San Francisco 49ers+55015.4%18.5%
Cincinnati Bengals+75011.8%9.4%
Dallas Cowboys+13007.1%4.9%
Los Angeles Chargers+21004.5%1.3%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+28003.4%1.1%
Minnesota Vikings+30003.2%1.0%
Baltimore Ravens+34002.9%0.2%
Jacksonville Jaguars+48002.0%0.5%
New York Giants+55001.8%0.6%
Miami Dolphins+60001.6%0.3%
Seattle Seahawks+65001.5%0.1%

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs get to sit and watch this week, as the other 12 teams sort themselves out ahead of the Divisional Round of the playoffs. The Chiefs and Buffalo Bills, as they have for most of the season, remain the two teams the sportsbooks believe most likely to carry off the silverware come February 12th.

I really -- and I mean really -- like the San Francisco 49ers at their present odds. They are the one team that seems to scream value, especially when you consider that our model gives them the third-best odds to win the Super Bowl, while the bookies have them as fourth favorites.

San Fran is coming into the playoffs on a 10-game winning streak, and they are the top-ranked defense among the playoff teams, according to our metrics. Of course, they have to get past the Seattle Seahawks first, but the Niners could be poised for a playoff run.