Super Bowl Futures Betting: Week 1 Edition

After just one month, the Philadelphia Eagles have seen their Super Bowl Odds drop to +2000 on FanDuel Sportsbook. Which other teams have experienced recent movement in their title odds?

Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season is here, folks. We made it. We got through the Scouting Combine, we survived free agency, we coasted through the NFL Draft, and we got through the preseason. Our reward is a brand new season of NFL action to take in. We made it.

With the season set to kick off in a number of days, I thought it an opportune time to check in on each team's odds to win the Super Bowl this season, courtesy of the fine folk over at the FanDuel Sportbook.

NF Odds
Buffalo Bills+60014.3%15.8%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+75011.8%12.7%
Kansas City Chiefs+10009.1%8.9%
Los Angeles Rams+11008.3%5.7%
Green Bay Packers+12007.7%6.5%
Los Angeles Chargers+14006.7%5.3%
San Francisco 49ers+16005.9%7.5%
Denver Broncos+17005.6%2.6%
Dallas Cowboys+20004.8%4.6%
Baltimore Ravens+20004.8%3.8%
Philadelphia Eagles+20004.8%1.9%
Cincinnati Bengals+22004.3%3.0%
Indianapolis Colts+22004.3%2.4%
Cleveland Browns+30003.2%2.2%
Arizona Cardinals+30003.2%2.5%
Tennessee Titans+35002.8%2.3%
New England Patriots+40002.4%2.0%
Minnesota Vikings+40002.4%1.5%
Miami Dolphins+40002.4%1.6%
Las Vegas Raiders+40002.4%1.4%
New Orleans Saints+40002.4%0.9%
Pittsburgh Steelers+70001.4%0.8%
Washington Commanders+85001.2%1.0%
New York Giants+85001.2%0.6%
Carolina Panthers+100001.0%0.6%
Detroit Lions+100001.0%0.5%
Chicago Bears+120000.8%0.3%
Jacksonville Jaguars+120000.8%0.4%
Seattle Seahawks+150000.7%0.2%
New York Jets+150000.7%0.1%
Atlanta Falcons+250000.4%0.1%
Houston Texans+300000.3%0.3%

As has been the case for most of the offseason, the Buffalo Bills are the bookies' favorites to take home their first Vince Lombardi Trophy this season. Their odds have actually come down since the beginning of August when they were a rank outsider at +650. The next seven teams are unchanged from a month ago, but the Dallas Cowboys have gone out to +2000. A few injuries will do that to a team's chances in the eyes of the money men.

Conversely, with the Cowboys' misfortune allied to the improvements made to their own roster, the Philadelphia Eagles are now at +2000. A month ago you could have them at +3000. They have seen the biggest drop in odds among all 32 NFL teams over the last 30 days. Staying in the NFC East, the Washington Commanders have seen their odds rise more than any team. They were sitting not so prettily at +7000 at the start of August. Now? They are all the way out to +8500.