Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 6

Kevin Minter is seizing his opportunity, and so can you.

It takes just one break for things to go absolutely right for you.

Of course Jessica Mendoza had to be an intelligent baseball mind, a charismatic persona on the call, and confident enough to seize the opportunity put in front of her; no one’s denying that. Yet had a situation not transpired where the MLB commentator she subbed in for made racist and culturally offensive comments on Twitter, she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to become the first female analyst for a nationally-televised ESPN broadcast.

Intellect and goodness rises above ugliness, with remarkable consistency.

This is obviously a football column, and even in our own sport, 2015 has been a watershed year for gender inclusion. This offseason, Sarah Thomas was promoted to a full-time NFL referee –- the first time that’s happened in professional football history. We also saw Jen Welter become the first female NFL coach in history, when she joined the Arizona Cardinals’ staff as a training camp and preseason intern. All around sports, barriers that once seemed impenetrable have been shattering. I’m proud to say that we live in exponential times, times that seem to be accelerating ever closer toward true harmony.

You may be dealing with an ugly Individual Defensive Player (IDP) situation due to bye weeks, injuries, or underwhelming team situations as we go into Week 6. You should know, however, that this isn’t the be-all, end-all; out of the mire can emerge a chance for you to try something new.

Which players owned in less than 20% of ESPN IDP leagues can be a positive pick-up for Week 6?