Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 5

Manti Te'o's got you covered this week in IDP fantasy football.

I am astounded by the progress of society and technology sometimes. I recently found out that a company headed by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is attempting to bring free, widespread Internet access to countries in sub-Saharan Africa and other “far reaches” of the globe. That’s right, I said free connectivity for people who have previously been shut off from the rest of the world digitally unless they paid exorbitant prices. There are other concerns about the openness of that Internet access, but the point remains that the world is rapidly progressing, bringing us all closer.

Finally, it can truly be called the worldwide Web.

Like the Internet, the Individual Defensive Player (IDP) format truly brings fantasy football together and makes it complete. You couldn’t have football without someone for the offense to play, so why do we limit ourselves to just half of the game in fantasy football? The IDP format is starting to make its own global trek, too, and the popularity of the format is ever-increasing.

While we wait for IDP’s to inevitably cover the globe, which IDP players owned in 20.0% of ESPN leagues or less will help you cover any holes your fantasy team may have going into Week 5?