5 Quarterbacks Who Should Outperform Their Fantasy Football Cost This Year

These five quarterbacks can be found for a good bargain on draft day. Don't hesitate to grab them.

People who are good at fantasy football are good at finding value. Those who are able to exploit the gaps between expected performance and the going rate are often provided a leg up among their respective competition.

In the real football world, quarterbacks are the saints of the gridiron. They’re the guys who get the blame for a 53-man roster’s loss and the credit for their wins. But in the fantasy community, many have come to accept that the difference in expected production between top-tier and mid-tier quarterbacks is not that huge of a gap, so waiting on a quarterback has become more common.

No matter your fantasy quarterback strategy, you always want to find players who are under-priced in their current positional markets, freeing up room to spend draft capital elsewhere, getting a higher return on investment. To do this we can look at their current average draft positions (ADP) according to and measure their draft position among positional cohorts contrasted with numberFire’s season-long projections.

Let’s take a look at five quarterbacks who are currently under-priced according to their current ADP’s.