5 Quarterbacks You Shouldn't Draft in Fantasy Football This Year

Expectations for Derek Carr and other young passers are high, but his brother, David, can teach us a lot about what to expect.

Everybody loves a sleeper. Nobody likes a bust.

Busts are the worst. Not only do they hurt your team, but they also hurt your pride. Busts make you admit that you were wrong or drag down your team's potential if you refuse to admit the truth.

Quarterbacks don't exactly have the most significant value in fantasy football -- in standard leagues, that is -- because it's a streamable position, but if streaming isn't your thing, if you rock a superflex or two-quarterback league, or if you just like taking your quarterbacks early and hope you can plug them in week after week, then here are five guys you might want to avoid.

How am I defining "busts" for this year? It's pretty easy -- and objective. (So don't yell at me too much.)

These are the five quarterbacks who have the biggest discrepancy between their projected fantasy football finish and their current average draft position (ADP) from since June 15th of this year (and who have an ADP higher than 20th at the position).

Here we go.