The 5 Best Bets in the Late Rounds of Your Fantasy Football Draft

Sometimes the late rounds of a draft can feel like you’re taking shots in the dark. It’s time to shed some light on five late-round players you should be targeting.

Even at its best, drafting in fantasy football is an inexact science. When it comes to the late rounds this becomes even more true. Countless players are taken late with hopes that they will be the miraculous late-round pick that becomes a star, only to end up on the waiver wire by Week 3.

With all the noise that comes out during training camp and the preseason, many late-round fliers are taken with high hopes on totally unsubstantiated hype. If you look at the numbers, however, you can find yourself some solid value picks that have the potential to impress, or at the least become a consistent starter for your team.

These five players all have an average draft position (ADP) in the 11th round or later according to FantasyFootballCalculator’s ADP chart, and are all in great positions to outperform these rankings.