Fantasy Football: 4 Players You Can Drop After Week 10

Mike Williams has become a non-factor for the Bolts, making him a player to cut loose. Who else should you drop after Week 10?

Things don't always work out the way you planned them. What looked like a championship-bound roster back in September could be a fantasy wasteland today, and vice-versa. If you've been active on the waiver wire and in trading with your leaguemates, your team after Week 10 may not even look like the one you drafted way back when.

Really, roster construction may be one of the most important skills a fantasy manager can have. You only draft your team once a year, but you have to keep that roster up to date each and every week. That means evaluating and addressing any holes your starting roster may have, making judgement calls on whether that stash is really worth hanging onto, or cutting players that just didn't quite work out.

This week we're highlighting four players it's time to move on from. They each looked promising at one point, but if you're making that final playoff push, they're only holding you back. Here are four players you can cut after Week 10.