2018 NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

The Rams are the new team atop our rankings following another convincing win. How does the rest of the league shape up behind them?

Nick Foles' time as the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback obviously saw the team win its first Super Bowl, but he also presided over a decent-sized stretch atop our power ratings.

Despite a loss to Oakland in Week 16 last year, Philadelphia moved back into the spot in the rankings that week and stayed there through the playoffs and offseason. The Eagles stayed atop the league after a Week 1 win over Atlanta, but as Foles' run as the starter comes to end, so too does his team's run at number one.

Philadelphia's loss in Tampa Bay -- in conjunction with solid performances from the Rams and Vikings -- dropped the Eagles two spots, and was followed by the news that Carson Wentz has been cleared to play and re-assume the starting role.

Foles himself was not actually the main reason for the Eagles' loss, as he averaged a decent 6.3 yards per dropback with a touchdown and no interceptions. Rather, it was a defense that got ripped to shreds by the suddenly red-hot Ryan Fitzpatrick (allowing 7.5 yards per play and 11.2 yards per dropback) that was primarily responsible for this dip.

Tampa Bay, meanwhile, is now one of seven 2-0 teams, but with a few exceptions, our numbers are not crazy about this bunch (more on them coming up). Now, let's get into it.