11 Training Camp Position Battles With Fantasy Football Implications

Cameron Meredith will be battling for a starting spot in the New Orleans' Saints offense, and if he can lock it down, he could provide major fantasy football value. Which other position battles do we need to monitor in training camp?

Gird your loins, football fans. "That Thing You Like? It's Actually Bad" Twitter is about to come out in full force.

With all 32 NFL teams having now reported for training camp, we finally get clips of real football for the first time in more than five months. Even just the little snippets of video can get your insides all tingly.

But, as with most everything, the skeptics in the crowd will be quick to point out that training camp doesn't matter. It's just practice, after all, and to an extent, those destroyers of joy have a point. Those quick highlights will not matter at the end of the day.

However, that sweeping indictment that "training camp doesn't matter" could not be further from the point. Although that one-handed grab may not count, there is so much we can learn from seeing which players are getting reps with the first team and who is falling behind the pack. If we don't pay attention to training camp, our fantasy football rosters are going to suffer.

Plenty of situations are largely set in stone, so there are some places we can ignore for the time being. Brian Hoyer ain't sending Tom Brady to the bench. But others are up in the air, and they could carry big implications for upcoming drafts.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some situations we should be monitoring now with training camp underway. Again, we're not looking to see who makes flashy plays, but we want to see who's running with the first team along with other factors. Any average draft positions (ADPs) referenced will be for 12-team, half-PPR drafts, according to Fantasy Football Calculator.