5 Reasons Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Win Super Bowl LII

The Eagles are clear underdogs, but they can pull off the upset. Here's why.

I’ve been avoiding driving in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, for what seems like years (even though it’s probably been just a few weeks). As a resident Minneapolitan, I am simultaneously fascinated and terrified by the event and media circus that have descended upon my beloved hometown as we welcome Super Bowl LII into our fair city.

The mood is still dour around these parts, as Minnesotans are doing their best to smile at New England Patriots fans who have enjoyed more Super Bowl victories in the last two decades than the local Minnesota Vikings have had game-winning field goals. Still, when asked to welcome a green-and-silver-clad Philadelphia Eagles fan, the atmosphere has gotten even more “Minnesota Nice.”

Unfortunately for the Eagles, the bitter mood of the locals and frigid weather aren’t the only uphill battles they’re facing this week. The NFC representatives are entering the weekend as 4.5-point underdogs to the ever-dominant Patriots.

Even in the face of discouraging odds, here are five reasons why the Eagles will win Super Bowl LII.