Fantasy Football: 5 Tight Ends You Can Trust

More than any other offensive position, squeezing points out of your tight end in fantasy football sometimes seems as easy as squeezing water from stone. Historically, it hasn't been a high-scoring position, and this season, things look as bleak as they have in ages.

Consider that in the 2016 season to this point, the top tight end scorer, Greg Olsen, had 114 points in PPR leagues. There were 10 tight ends who had scored at least 60 points, and 16 who had scored at least 50.

Through six games in 2015, the numbers were even better -- there were 11 tight ends who had scored 60 or more and 15 who put up at least 50 points.

This year? Not so much. Zach Ertz is the leading tight end scorer with 97.5 points. There are only six who have cracked 60 points and only 11 to hit the 50-point plateau.

It's ugly out there, and the tight ends we can trust are few and far between. Here are the most bankable assets at the position.