7 High-Ceiling Players to Target in Your Fantasy Football Draft

The numbers tell us that Dez Bryant can bring his game to an even higher level. Who else is poised for fantasy goodness?

On the Late-Round Podcast, our own JJ Zachariason has, on a few occasions, discussed the need for a balanced roster in fantasy football. He has talked about how, as fantasy general managers, we have to combine safe, reliable players with volatile, high-ceiling options in order to field a well-rounded team. This helps to establish a solid scoring floor on a week-to-week basis, while carrying the potential for a breakout on any given week.

Recently, Matt Blair pointed out some of the more reliable players to target in drafts this season. But sometimes we have to roll out some high-risk, high-reward players who could put us over the top when we are overmatched by a stronger squad.

This is where numberFire's projections and confidence intervals come in.

We have a full table of projections for each player, but we also possess projections based on the lower and higher end of a 68% confidence interval -- in other words, a player's floor and ceiling in terms of total fantasy points.

Using the actual and high-end projections (for standard, non-PPR leagues), I ranked each player according to those figures and called out ones with a positive difference of at least five spots in the rankings and re-rankings. Utilizing this process, I uncovered seven players who see their preseason ranking rise when accounting for their maximum output.

Starting with number seven and ending with the best high-ceiling asset, here they are.