5 Safe Players to Target in Your Fantasy Football Draft

Larry Fitzgerald may lack upside, but he should provide a high floor for your squad.

If you have ever played fantasy football, you have experienced this sensation.

It's your turn to draft and you jaunt up to the draft board as everyone eagerly awaits your selection. That trendy sleeper tight end that every publication says will be a breakout star this season is still on the board. That young running back who ran for a 90-yard touchdown in the preseason is available. You reach the draft board, turn to your friends, and confidently announce that you are selecting Rudi Johnson.

Crickets. You just made the unsexy pick. The boring pick. Someone you can count on for production...but their upside is limited.

As you slump back into your cold steel folding chair, you begin to doubt your selection. People will be yawning instead of fawning over your pick, and that's fine. Contrary to your doubts, sometimes the unsexy pick is the right pick. It may not feel right at the time, but if that touted tight end winds up playing just half the downs, or that rookie running back is stuck in a timeshare with two other running backs, you win.

Your boy Rudi ends up running for over 1,000 yards and finishes the year as a top-20 running back.

While there's no such thing as a "safe pick" due to the barbaric nature of the sport, we are going to highlight five players who, even with limited upside, should still provide a high floor.