Fantasy Football: One Overvalued Player From Each Team

Derrick Henry could be a fantasy stud if DeMarco Murray goes down, but he also has a pretty low floor, making it tough to justify drafting him at his current cost. Which other players are overvalued?

Fantasy football draft season is ramping up, and there's no shortage of advice about sleepers, breakouts, and players to target.

One area draft strategists often ignore: players to avoid.

If we're not careful, we might end up drafting duds instead of studs. Saddling your team with a player who underperforms relative to their cost is a good way to have a disappointing season. Never fear, I've got you covered. I'm not going to give you the top five, or even top 10, players to fade. I'm going to look at all 32 NFL squads and find the one player on each team you should avoid at their current average draft position (ADP).

I'll compare Fantasy Football Calculator's ADP data for standard 12-team leagues to our 2017 projections. If a player is projected to perform much worse than the cost to acquire him, well, that's a player to fade. In addition to that, I'll also occasionally buck the projections -- with reasons, of course -- and tell you to stay away from someone who might look like a fair value.

Along with giving you a guy to avoid, I'll recommend a different player -- at the same position -- with a similar ADP who you should consider instead.

In this piece, we'll use numberFire’s Net Expected Points (NEP) metric. NEP is a metric which describes the positive or negative contribution a player makes to their team’s chances of scoring. (For more info on NEP, check out our glossary.)

l'll start at the bottom of the draft board (the lowest ADP) and work my way up.

Ready? Here we go.

At their current cost, avoid these 32 players in your 2017 drafts.