The 13 Most Undervalued Players in Fantasy Football

Which players should you be targeting in your fantasy football drafts given their average draft position?

As annoying as Patriot fans can be (read: as jealous as we all are of Patriot fans), Boston's a really great town.

I ventured to the city last week with my wife before heading to Maine for a wedding. We did as much as we could with the limited time we had, which included an Italian dinner in the North End.

Now, I'd never been to that area of the city before. But my goodness -- how can one town have so many Italian restaurants in such a small area? Gnocchi was everywhere.

But despite the Italian restaurant saturation, every place was full. There's a true demand for it.

Sort of like undervalued -- or sleeper -- fantasy football articles.

I know you've read an article just like this one this offseason. But that didn't stop you from clicking the link to peep what this one had to say. Why? Because everyone loves them some undervalued players. Just like everyone in Boston is about some meatballs.

So, just like I did when my pasta dish hit the table at Trattoria Il Panino, let's dig in.