10 Fantasy Football Bounceback Candidates for 2017

Don't write off these 10 players just because they had a down year in 2016.

Deciding which results are legitimate and which aren't is pretty much fantasy football prognostication in a nutshell.

If a guy scored a touchdown, then he scored a touchdown (well, not always, but you know what I mean). The primary issue, again, is deciding if a player's most recent season is what we should expect the following year or not.

While there are no slam dunk ways to know for sure, we can look to some advanced analytics to see whose box score results didn't exactly fall in line with their overall production.

Our Net Expected Points (NEP) metric can help with that, as players who boost expected scoring for their teams tend to generate strong production numbers.

We don't even always have to look that far. Injuries, poor teammate play, and other variables can lead to disappointing seasons.

These 10 players look primed to make their forgettable 2016 seasons a thing of the past.