The 10 Best States for NFL Talent

We generally assume certain states produce more top NFL talent than others, but how true is that notion?

After taking a look at the 10 best NFL players from each state, many popular beliefs were confirmed.

For example, Texas, California and Florida have all produced great talent. On the other hand, states like Vermont, Alaska and Rhode Island haven't been a breeding ground for many NFL players.

Both of those statements appear to be correct, but are there any falsehoods when we dig deeper?

In order to find which states are the best, the weighted career approximate values (CarAV) of each state's top 10 players -- values in the form of single numbers meant to represent a player's season (or, in this case, career) -- so that we can compare seasons across years and positions (For more on the metric and its methodology, you can read this).

Then, after totaling each state's top-10 players in terms of career AV, they were ranked accordingly.

So, is Texas really the cream of the crop? Is California number one? Or just maybe some other state surprises us? Let's find out.