The 10 Best NFL Players From Each State

Which players are kings of their home states?

When we group players -- especially football players -- we often do so by their college rather than their home town or state. It's only natural to do so since that's the last place they were -- they could've went to school out of state and, therefore, could be years removed from their home state.

But, if you follow football, you're probably used to hearing about Texas, California, and Florida as big talent pools for the sport. What about the other states, though? Do they have the same kind of NFL talent?

With the help of Pro Football Reference and their Frivolities page, we can see whether or not that is the case. One of the tools Pro Football Reference has available is one where you can find each player by place of birth, and further explore the history of the state and the players it has produced.

Using the site's Career AV statistic -- a number (dating back to 1960) that indicates a player's career approximate value in order to be compared across seasons and eras -- we can see the cream of each state's crop.

In order of total NFL players produced, here are the top-10 players for all 50 states (and Washington, D.C).