5 Wide Receivers With a Significant Drop in Production in 2016

After exploding onto the scene during his sophomore season, John Brown posted career lows in many categories this year. Which other wide receivers saw a huge dip in 2016 production?

There were many wide receivers who experienced huge increases in production during the 2016 season, but the exact opposite could be said for a number of other pass-catchers.

While it may be easier to notice when some of the NFL's elite wide receivers struggle from one year to the next, we're going to focus on players in the tiers beneath them. We'll be using both traditional statistics and some of numberFire's advanced metrics, like Net Expected Points (NEP), to figure out where they went wrong in 2016.

Whether they were limited due to injury or team performance, or just quickly fell back to reality after breaking out in 2015, the following five pass-catchers didn't enjoy this past season very much, despite each of them seeing a minimum of 60 targets.