The 10 Most Impactful Plays From the Conference Championship Round

Neither of Sunday's conference championships ended up with a tight margin, but that doesn't mean they were devoid of big plays. Which swung the win-probability meters most?

Even in the most lopsided games, there are big-time plays that radically shift the dynamic one way or another. Sunday's clunkers were no different.

Despite huge margins of victory for both the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots in this year's conference championship games, a few plays early on played a major role in the eventual outcome. Whether it was a crucial pick up on 3rd down or forcing a fumble near the goal line, these individual plays helped the pendulum swing heavily in their favor.

We can see all of these using numberFire Live, which tracks live win probability for all NFL games, including this week's conference championship games and the upcoming Super Bowl. It can help show us the most impactful plays for each game, letting us know where the turning points occurred that led to such decided victories.

Let's go through both of yesterday's games to see the 10 most impactful plays of the weekend that helped the Patriots and Falcons keep slugging for one more game.