The 10 Most Impactful Plays of Week 15

Calais Campbell had a clear destination on this week's top play: the end zone.

Some writers like to work in cafes or restaurants because that's where people talk; it's easy to hear dialogue and stories emerge. Others like the pure quiet and focus of libraries.

I love to be in airports and waiting rooms when I work, though.

There's something fascinatingly personal about hearing someone interact with the receptionist to check in for an appointment, or seeing how they react to each other when waiting at the gate. More so, though, these aren't destination places; they're places people go to wait to go somewhere else -- liminal spaces, the places in-between. There's always a beautiful sense of movement present, as well as a tension and suspense until the next destination.

That's how these waning weeks of the NFL season feel to many of us: it's the in-between point where we wait between regular season success and playoff action, between a rebuilding year and final NFL Draft seeding.

Before we get to the endpoint of the 2016 NFL season, though, there will be plenty of fascinating moments to remember. For us, it's about the journey and not just the destination, and highlight-reel plays keep us intrigued the whole time we wait.

Which plays from Week 15 were worth waiting for by numberFire’s Net Expected Points (NEP) analytic?