The 10 Most Impactful Plays of Week 12

Even though the Carolina Panthers lost, they came up with the week's biggest play as Ted Ginn Jr. hauled in an 88-yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton.

I spent this past four-day weekend hopping planes, trains, and automobiles to get from Minneapolis to Milwaukee to Philadelphia and back. Philadelphia itself was a blast: I got to see plenty of the sights (including the National Parks) and even had my first cheesesteak. I am so thankful for new friends I met, new places I experienced, and joining in a beautiful wedding for loved ones. All of this left me in a blissfully tired blur, and while I would've been happy to have vacation go on forever, it's good to be home.

This week in football had plenty of sights to see as well: the games were exceptional quality -- especially the Thanksgiving schedule -- with twists and turns and exciting clashes of strong teams. At the end of this blur of football, however, it seemed like we were missing something. It turned out that there were no plays from this week that were in our top-10 in both of numberFire's Win Probability Added and Net Expected Points, meaning there were no true turning points or crucial game-swinging moments. This column helps us decipher the tourist traps from the true landmarks, however.

Which plays from Week 12 were must-see experiences, by numberFire’s Net Expected Points (NEP) analytic?