Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 9

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​Week 8 Recap

I use balanced scoring (1 point per tackle, 3 per sack) as my “standard”, and I consider 3.0 points a hit for defensive linemen (DL) and defensive backs (DB), with 5.0 points a hit for linebackers (LB).

I value your IDP teams as much as I value my own, so I want to remain accountable to you all in my advice. I provide a weekly recap of my previous recommendations and a running tally of my hits and misses in this column. How did we do last week?

Jamie Meder (DL): 4.0 fantasy points
Antwione Williams (LB): 6.5 fantasy points
De'Vondre Campbell (LB): 7.5 fantasy points
Shawn Williams (DB): 9.0 fantasy points
Kelcie McCray (DB): 8.0 fantasy points

Corey Liuget (DL): 0.0 fantasy points
Grady Jarrett (DL): 1.0 fantasy points
David Harris (LB): 2.5 fantasy points

DL: 16-for-24 (66.7%)
LB: 16-for-24 (66.7%)
DB: 13-for-16 (81.3%)
Overall: 45-for-64 (70.3%)

Now, let's look at recommendations for this week!