Market Share Report: John Brown Is Officially Back

With Week 4 of the NFL season in the books, which players' roles are changing most, and how should it affect how we view them for fantasy football?

We've now hit the quarter pole of the fantasy-relevant portion of the NFL season, and one thing is abundantly clear.

We know nothing, Jon Snow.

Guys we had written off a few weeks ago are suddenly hauling in double-digit targets and dropping statlines of silliness on their opponents while early-season darlings gasp for air up on shore. Things change rapidly in the NFL, and we need to check our evaluations of players on a weekly basis.

This is why it's important to look at market shares and how they fluctuate over the course of a season. Whether it's due to injuries, changes in roles, or anything else, we don't want to rely on dirty info to make decisions for fantasy football.

For numberFire premium subscribers, you've got this at your fingertips with the "Trends" tab in the daily fantasy section. Here, you can investigate how carry, target, and red-zone market shares have shifted over the past few games to give you a better idea of how teams are utilizing their assets.

Let's dive into each of those three categories and see what all we learned in Week 4 and how it should impact our thinking going forward.