Market Share Report: We Underestimated Matt Forte

Looking at who is getting the most opportunity within each offense can tell us a lot about a player's fantasy value early in the season. Which players saw their value change most in Week 1?

The start of the NFL season brings with it a boatload of conflicting emotions. Obviously, we're jacked that there's real football to watch, and we're no longer subject to the fourth-quarter slush fests that are the preseason, so there's an element of excitement.

Then there are injuries. Then there's disappointment. Then, guess what! More injuries. You knew those warm and fuzzy feelings wouldn't last, right?

On top of all of that, we've got information overload. There's always an air of uncertainty across the league before any season, but then a number of our biggest questions get answered right out of the gate. It's fine one game at a time, but when there are 16 fog-clearing games at the same time, we can easily lose some important takeaways.

We can't do anything about injuries, and we probably can't cure the ills of watching a team that totally sucks. But we can at least sort through some of the new information to find actionable takeaways for fantasy football.

Let's do that now by taking a look at five surprising market shares from Week 1 of the season. Because targets and carries are more consistent on a week-to-week basis than fantasy points, this is where you want to turn to find out which performances are sustainable and which are bound to come crashing down. How should our views of certain players shift based on this week's action? Let's find out.