Fantasy Football: 6 Historical Vegas Trends You Should Know for Week 1

What do the odds say about Week 1 for certain players, and how can your fantasy teams benefit?

Using information from bookmakers -- such as spreads and over/unders -- in fantasy football analysis was considered ahead of the curve just a few years ago. Nowadays, many daily fantasy (DFS) players use these metrics to craft their teams on Sundays.

Using our new DFS Tools, you can view metrics such as implied team totals, spreads, and over/unders with just the click of a mouse.

When you see a total of 51 in the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions game, it means bookmakers think this game will be high scoring with possibly more than seven touchdowns being scored. And high scoring should mean goodness for all of those involved, right? Not necessarily.

Just because a player such as Golden Tate is playing in a game with a high total of 51 points doesn't mean you should necessarily play him over Keenan Allen, when Allen plays in a game with a total of 44.5 points.

There are some trends in Vegas that may slip under the radar that you can then utilize for success. Here are six of them for Week 1.