7 NFL Head Coaches on the Hot Seat in 2016

Which head coaches are most at risk of losing their jobs this year?

My pop culture childhood was steeped in a myriad of BBC TV shows.

One that my dad reminded me of recently was The Fast Show. This was a British sketch comedy show in the same absurd vein as Monty Python, with even faster gags and zanier sketches. One of the best recurring bits was “Chanel 9 News”: a ridiculous, scattered news show from an undefined European country, known solely as “Repubblica”. The anchors talked in a nonsense language hybridized from a variety of Mediterranean languages, covering everything from pseudo-news to the occasional rock opera.

The true star of the sketch, however, was weatherwoman Poula Fisch, who was always surprised to report that from the mountains (“Monto Blanko”) to the coast (“Kosta”), the outlook for the next day would always be “Scorchio!”

As we extend a “bono estente” to the upcoming National Football League season, there are some NFL head coaches who may be surprised to find out that their jobs are also at 45 degrees Celsius. It seems like some of these coaches are perpetually on the hot seat, but -- like Poula’s prognostications -- they should be wary of the storms coming their way.

Which NFL head coaches’ outlooks are “Scorchio!” in 2016?