The 10 Best Lineups in the NBA Playoffs Since 2001

The Celtics' Big Three was the main driver to their success, but where do they rank among the best NBA Playoff lineups in recent history?

Throughout the years, we've had countless dynamic duos in the NBA playoffs. From Kareem and Magic, to Jordan and Pippen, and even LeBron and Kyrie -- we get to know these teammates by first or last name only.

We can say the same for big threes. The Celtics had one in the 1980s with Bird, McHale and Parrish; the Spurs had Parker, Ginobili and Duncan in the early 2000s; and the 2011-14 Heat had LeBron, Wade and Bosh.

In comparison, we don't consider the great five-man lineups during the postseason nearly enough. After all, five guys play the game at one time -- not two or three.

That being said, how do we decide that?

If you've never checked it out, Basketball Reference's lineup finder is a great tool for searching lineups throughout history. In utilizing this tool, we looked at only those lineups to play 100 minutes over the course of a postseason and tally a net rating of at least 10 -- meaning they outscored their opponent by 10 or more points over the course of 100 possessions.

Appropriately, the top teams are those with the highest net rating of those 48 five-man lineups dating back to the 2001 playoffs (as far back as lineup finder goes).

Without further ado, here are the 10 best lineups, starting with number 10.