Updated MLB Division Series Playoff Odds: Sunday 10/9/16

The Chicago Cubs now hold a 2-0 series lead over the San Francisco Giants. Do the Giants have any hope of mounting a comeback?

Each game in the MLB postseason has the chance to swing an entire series. This makes staying on top of the odds nearly impossible.

That's why we're here to help.

Each day, we'll post updated series odds throughout the playoffs here so that you can always know how your favorite team stands. Here are the updated odds entering Sunday, October 9th.

American League Division Series

Toronto Blue Jays against Texas Rangers: Blue Jays lead, 2-0

Scenario Odds
Toronto Blue Jays win in 3 59.81%
Toronto Blue Jays win in 4 24.38%
Toronto Blue Jays win in 5 8.76%
Toronto Blue Jays win series 92.95%
Texas Rangers win in 5 7.05%
Texas Rangers win series 7.05%

Boston Red Sox against Cleveland Indians: Indians lead, 2-0

Scenario Odds
Boston Red Sox win in 5 15.40%
Boston Red Sox win series 15.40%
Cleveland Indians win in 3 43.65%
Cleveland Indians win in 4 25.19%
Cleveland Indians win in 5 15.76%
Cleveland Indians win series 84.60%

National League Division Series

San Francisco Giants against Chicago Cubs: Cubs lead, 2-0

Scenario Odds
Chicago Cubs win in 3 56.50%
Chicago Cubs win in 4 24.46%
Chicago Cubs win in 5 11.46%
Chicago Cubs win series 92.42%
San Francisco Giants win in 5 7.58%
San Francisco Giants win series 7.58%

Los Angeles Dodgers against Washington Nationals: Dodgers lead, 1-0

Scenario Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers win in 3 24.43%
Los Angeles Dodgers win in 4 25.31%
Los Angeles Dodgers win in 5 17.25%
Los Angeles Dodgers win series 66.99%
Washington Nationals win in 4 12.58%
Washington Nationals win in 5 20.43%
Washington Nationals win series 33.01%