Must win game-which 3 WRs to start this week-Brandon Lloyd, Stephen Hill, Josh Gordon,Brandon Gibson, Kendall Wright??????
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    Lloyd for sure. Then Gordon and Wright. Much of a muchness though.
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    Lloyd for sure out of this group, then I guess Gibson. he had most targets last week and Gb can be thrown on. Plus with way Sjax has been running Rams will have to throw.
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    mcontald (500 Reputation Points)
    Definitely Lloyd and Gibson.

    As for the other three, it depends on what you want to bet on - will the Jets have another successful passing week (against NE this time), or will Gordon get the ball thrown at him (and catch it too). I'd put my money on Gordon.
    Depending on how many points you're hoping for from these three, you could start Wright. He probably has the lowest downside of the three, but I think Gordon has a chance to score big.